1.02 Feb 1, 2021
A More Complex Item
Added 40-LivingPick and 41-SoulEssence

This pick displays some different uses for variables on items. It also makes extensive use of the runActions action, along with conditionals, and the ways they can be nested within one another.

-Custom Durability Statistic that updates on the pick's lore. (Currently 1000). Allows for custom repair handlers and conditionals.

-Sends a warning message and plays a sound when the pick is close to breaking. (Currently at 10 durability left)

-x Reward every x number of blocks (Currently set to 25 blocks)

-Counts the number of blocks mined by the pick in the pick lore. Tied to the pick, not globally.

-Can double left click on an anvil with this pick to spend 100XP to add to the durability of the pick. Will stop players from repairing if they miss XP, will not let players go above the 1000 durability the pick has maximum. Current formula is just +100.

Note: Because the craft handler is bugged or buggy, using it to set Variables currently outputs a duplicate item when the item is crafted. My alternative is a bit jank in terms of "code," but works. If craft gets fixed, I'll update when I get a chance.

Note Note: The Soul Essence is merely there because that's what I set the reward to. It's not anything special, barely has anything in the .yml. Can be crafted from item fragments (included in BasicItems)

1.01 Dec 14, 2020
Quick Fix
Forgot the Perfect Gem recipes.

1.0 Dec 14, 2020