A basic pack of items for new players to get a look at .yml files. 


-Armor Set Bonuses
-Crafting Components
-Alternate recipes for vanilla items
-Color Codes in lore/name strings
-Effect on Hit/Kill
-Item IDs and matching textures (not made by me)
-Naturally spawning custom ore that can be smelted into another Custom Item.

Note: The textures included in this pack can be freely found online. I figured they'd be safe to reupload as a free resource, but I do want to be clear: they are not mine, I did not create them. 

Note Note: The name of each item includes a number and a dash i.e "30-ItemFragment" This is the name you must type to spawn it in game. This makes it more difficult to do so, but makes readability much easier when working with the files, as you don't have to constantly open each file to find the item ID when making texture packs. You can rename each file and delete the number/dashes to spawn them in-game easier if you'd like, but if you do so, you also have to go through each item .yml and look for the references made to each item and edit those as well.

Note Note Note: The ore is currently set to only spawn in "aetherworld" so as not to clutter up your main world with ores you might not want there. Either change that to whatever world you wish, or if you use multiverse, you can create a world named "aetherworld" and it will begin to generate the ore there once you load into the world.

This resource is free to use and distribute, and modify in any way. Just don't claim to own the free texture images I used from the internet. Those aren't mine to proclaim ownership over, neither can you.