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Require: MagikCraft Plugin

For now it is only compatible with 1.16.4. I hope in the next few days to have time to give it compatible in other versions

This pokeball allows you to capture any mob you want, it is single use and if you fail it breaks.

1 - Install plugin MagikCraft with all the files that the .zip (something like this
    contains "scriptcraft/", "scriptcraft-plugins/", "plugins/MagikCraft.jar" drop this in your root server folder.
    (You see install instructions of MagikCraft on the zip file of MagiKCraft)
    (You obtain last release of MagikCraft here: )

2 - Drop the pokeball.js file in "<your server root>/scriptcraft/plugins" folder

3 - Drop "items/" and "textures/" in "<your server root>/plugins/CustomItems" folder

Reload CustomItems and MagikCraft: "/cuitm reload", "/js refresh()"