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Get more out of Polymart | Upgrade your Account

Upgrade your Polymart Seller Account

You don't have any premium resources on Polymart yet. But, if and when you choose to post some, get the most out of Polymart by upgrading your seller account!
Simple tools for small sellers

  Customize your resource header photo, favicon, theme color, and logo
  Advanced Anti-Piracy %%__PLACEHOLDERS__%%
  100 MB Upload Limit
  Revenue Sharing
  Beta Testing
  Add new Pages
  Discord Integration
  Accept payments through Stripe, PayPal, Patreon, and others
Enhanced tools to get more out of Polymart

  Everything in Lite and...
    PLUS badge on your profile, resources, forums, and messages
  Unlock badge  
  200 MB Upload Limit
  FREE Chargeback protection when using Stripe  
  Put your resources on sale  
  Automatically send personalized PMs to buyers  
  Re-capture potential buyers that cancel their purchase  
  Sales statistics dashboard  
  Enhanced buyer analytics  
  Use 120 characters for tags  
  Add pre-requisite purchases  
Everything you need to build a thriving Minecraft business

  Everything in Plus and...
    PRO badge on your profile, resources, forums, and messages
  Unlock badge  
  400+ MB Upload Limit  
  Google Analytics integration  
  Track buyers with UTM parameters  
  Fight chargebacks with download logs  
  Pay what you want  
  List what users have your resources on their wishlist  
  Automatic .jar obfuscator  
  Use %%__LICENSE_n__%% placeholder  
  Use %%__PHRASE__%% placeholder  
  Use custom %%__PLACEHOLDERS__%% in premium resources  
  Lock the discussion section of your premium resources  
  Customers won't see any Google Ads on your product pages  
  Own multiple teams  
  Per-product payment accounts  
  Advanced API Actions  
These upgrades will also apply to any teams you own.
Have any questions about upgrading your seller account? Send us a message, or ask on the Polymart Discord server