1.3 Jan 4, 2021
Added pumpkin and melon
Added insta mine for pumpkin and melon with 2 second cooldown

1.2 Jan 4, 2021
Minor update > Requires 3.8.3 of custom items
Makes it so you dont need to have the seeds in your off hand, can just have them in your inventory.

1.1 Jan 2, 2021
Small fix
Fixed wrong seed planting

1.0 Jan 2, 2021
Added beetroot, carrot, potato
Added beetroot, carrot, potato. Item name and lore

0.3 Jan 2, 2021
Wheat seeds not being removed
Disposed of test message,
Changed it so it takes a wheat seed for every one it auto-plants

0.1 Jan 2, 2021